How to update your scale's firmware



1) Download the Updater App from App Store or Google Play
2) Connect your scale via bluetooth
3) Check Firmware version
4) Select Firmware
5) "Switch to Update Mode"
6) "Long Press” T to enable Update Mode
7) "Start Firmware Update"
To update manually:
1. Download the Updater App from App Store or Google Play
2. Connect your scale via bluetooth
3. Check Firmware version
4. Select Firmware version
5. Switch to Update Mode Manually 
    - Hold Power Button until it shows “nACAIA” -> “SEt”, and then hold T button at the same time. 
    - Display shows F.0000. Hold both buttons until beep and blinks .Release buttons.
6. Enter Passcode
    - Short Press T to change digits
    - Long Press T to move to the next digit
    *For firmware 1.3, Please input 0415
    * 1.75 (passcode:)
    * 1.8 (passcode:)
7. Scale will display UPdAtE
8. "Start Firmware Update” on the app
Manual Update Demo:



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    George Bentinck

    This is a ridiculously complicated procedure. For example why does it even need a password? The update app for my Luna gave me no help at all until I read this article. This a very unfriendly user experience. I haven't even been able to find release notes to tell me what the new firmware does.

    This may not be a consumer product but is it fair to expect baristas to go through this level of detail when updating their device?

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