Is the Acaia | lunar water proof?

Since by the nature of water, you cannot weigh anything under water, thus we do not claim to be water proof, but as THE barista-proof scale, the Acaia | lunar is designed with liquid damage prevention.

If you’ve ever had to discard a scale due to an errant stream of espresso or a cup that tipped over in your drip tray, this is your answer. To show how serious we are, each lunar comes with a 2-year warranty against water damage. If you manage to drown your scale and the case is intact (i.e. you didn’t drop/dent it), then we’ll send you a new one to replace it.

The lunar is designed to prevent liquid damage. If you’ve been following our technical blog posts, you’ll know that varying temperature is a major factor in scale accuracy. If a large amount of hot liquid ends up on the Lunar, the scale will live, but its accuracy will be affected until it returns to room temperature. The aluminum-constructed Lunar allows the heat to escape the body as quickly as possible.

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