The scale's numbers are jumping all over

This article applies to these circumstances:

  • Scale's numbers are moving with no apparent reason
  • Touching the sides of the scales makes the numbers go wild
  • Putting a stable weight onto the scale still makes the numbers fluctuate

All of the above circumstances describe drift. This is generally standard in digital scales (for example, the evaporation of hot water), but if the scale is drifting with no reason, then it is a problem.


Have you removed the protective cushion beneath the scale? Here is a video of what it looks like and how to remove it:

acaia pearl:
acaia pearl black:

Additional reasons as to why the scale is drifting:

  • Environmental factors: Wind, temperature fluctuation, unstable surface, electronics nearby
  • If you flip over the scale, check for a continuous gap all around. Sides touching will affect the reading
  • Brewing many cups of coffee on the pearl without a heat pad – continuous exposure to heat will affect the load cell within the scale


  • Check and make sure you can reproduce the scale drift on multiple surfaces (table, floor, counter, etc.)
  • If you've identified wind or electronic components as the source of drift, then adjust the weighing filter on the scale.
  • If the sides are touching on the lunar, use a flathead screwdriver and gently wedge the sides to produce a gap all around


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